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Build Your Own Chicken Coop

The intent of this site is to offer you information about building chicken coops, since it’s a fairly new home project that is quickly becoming very popular, there isn’t a lot of good information available yet.  I have tried to sum up the really important information that you MUST know before you begin your chicken coop construction.  In addition to the information I have provided, I have also included links to my all time favorite downloadable products, from videos to printable directions; you can find it all right here.  Look around my site to find some great information that will help you decide what kind of chicken coop to build..  Whether you decide to build a premium chicken coop, or if your looking how to build and easy cheap chicken coop we have great building plans right here,  you can find out everything you need to know.


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Things you  must consider first before grabbing the hammer, and things that are very important for the health and saftely of your new pet poultry are:

  • Size
  • Protection
  • Cleaning
  • Feeding

 These are just a few of the things you must first consider, which I will explore each a little more in detail on this site.

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But lets consider that not everyone is cut out for raising chickens and building a structurally sound coop and you don’t want to worry that you’ve invested all this time only to find, it doesn’t fit your and your chickens needs, you can download building a chicken coop plans and easy to read instructions at Building Chicken Coops .  This site offercoop-ebook1s some great plans for all types of chicken coops from portable chicken coops to premium chicken coops and has many special offers.

  •  Some things included are:
  • Building a self enclosed mid-size chicken coop for less
  • Easy to clean large chicken coops
  • How to build portable coops for chickens
  • Important things you MUST know before building a chicken coop
  • How a hen house from predators
  • Plus much, much more!

Some other things to consider when you begin your chickne coop construction, is whether or not it’s structurally appealing.  As I have stated chickens really only need the most basic of housing in order to thrive, but what about you?  You are going to be building this structure in your very own back yard and will be looking at it hopefully for years to come.  And don’t forget your neighbors, you must consider what best suits your neighborhood before jumping in.  Please explore Building Chicken Coops  for a wide variety of information that you will need to know if considering building a chicken coop and everything you will need to know before begining.



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