37 Interesting Facts All About Chickens

How To Build A Chicken Coop

1.      Mature Male is called a Rooster or a Cock

2.      Immature male is called a Cockerel

3.      Mature female is a hen

4.      Immature female is a pullet

5.      Chickens can fly , but only in short distances

6.      Hen can live 20 years but the average is 5-10

7.      Hens will lay eggs all her life but decrease each year

8.      It takes 24-26 hrs to lay one egg

9.      It will take 21 days for chicken to develop inside the egg

10.  A Chicken will start developing inside the egg at 88 degrees F

11.  Hen can take the roll of a rooster, stop laying eggs, and begin to crow if needed

12.  Chickens have 4-5 toes on each foot

13.  Chickens do not have teeth, they swallow their food whole

14.  They are social animals

15.  They will fight each other

16.  It takes more than 4lb feed to make 1 dz eggs

17.  There are 150 varieties of domestic chickens

18.  Different chickens lay different colored eggs:  white, brown green and pink

19.  Castrated male is a capon

20.  Chickens will dance to attract males

21.  Chickens speak a language, the alarms they send will be different depending on type of predator is threatening them

22.  There are more chickens on earth than humans

23.  Most yolks found in one eggs is 9

24.  Chickens dream

25.  Chicken w/ red earlobes will lay brown eggs

26.  Chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs

27.  A Chickens is 75% water

28.  Hens produce larger eggs as they age

29.  Chickens loose feathers when they are stressed

30.  A chicken is the closet living thing to a t-rex

31.  Rooster crow all day

32.  They require 14-16 hrs of daylight a day

33.  Eggshells have a natural outer coat to keep bacteria out

34.  Alektrorophobia is the fear of chickens

35.  Will lay more eggs if they think the day is longer

36.  Chickens enjoy dust baths

37.  Chickens can hear their mothers while inside the shell