Chicken Hen House Plans

Looking into building a chicken coop?  Great!  There are many great hen house plans out on the web, some to purchase and some for free.  Both are fine options and you can possibly find a good free plan for building a chicken coop, but I have rounded a few things you should know about building a coop before you begin.




Some great ideas to include when building a coop are listed below to make the enjoyment of raising chickens easier and more fulfilling for everyone involved including your pet poultry.  Any set of hen house plans you choose should include these factors, now you may choose to use some of them or all of them, but keep in mind when building a chicken coop, when it’s done correctly the first time, there is less money, less maintenance and less upkeep.  Please realize these are not all necessarily necessities when it comes building a chicken coop but are an extra added touch to make everything a little simpler.





Electricity helps your chickens in many ways, but a major difference in having electricity inside the coop itself is to make your pet poultry lay more eggs year round. In most climates the day light hours are more or less changing with each season and it’s hard to keep up with the recommended amount of sunlight each day. With electricity you will not have to worry that your chicken hen house is not getting the proper amounts.  If you choose not to put electricity in when building your coop, please make sure there is enough natural light entering the coop throughout the day.

Food Storage.

When you begin building always keep in mind where you will store the food.  This is quite important of a factor because if you don’t store you feed correctly, it will become damaged, damp or worse, eaten by animals other than your chickens. Try to store your feed in a clean, dry storage area. A garbage can with a tight fitting lid or some sort of container (preferably metal) is usually the best solution. On that note, if you do build something into your chicken hen house to store food, make sure it’s secure enough that the chickens can’t get into and that other bugs, pest and predators are not capable of opening it.


This is particularly helpful to keep nearby for the nesting boxes. A couple of bales kept at a close distance will make your life easier, and of course your pet poultry will enjoy their homes more with the proper care.

Automatic Food.

Even thought at this point it probably sounds like a little much, in the long run this will save you time and effort. Now, if you have children, feeding the pet poultry is a good chore for them, as well as a learning experience. But if you’re on your own for this job, this may come in handy. I recommend that you begin building a chicken coop near a water source for easy access. This is especially helpful during those cold or raining days. Even though the weather outside is frightful, your chickens will still need to drink. So keep in this in mind when planning out the place as well as the design.

So those are just a few ideas you must at least give a little thought to before building chicken coop, and searching for you hen house plans, a few others things to consider are as follows:

Safety from predators

Protection from the elements

Daily maintenance


These are a must for anyone building a chicken coop, so please do not forget to do enough planning on those specific areas when you begin your new project. Good luck and happy egg laying!


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