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Some of the most popular chickens breed for those of us that are building backyard chicken coops are listed below.  There are many, many different chicken varities to choose from, but we will look at some of the most popular.  That being said there are several different reasons people are choosing to raise backyard chickens and that of course will determine what breed would be best for you.  Some of the different reasons people are raising backyard chickens are:


  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Exhibition
  • Rare breed preservation
  • Entertainment 

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But for the purpose of this website let’s focus more on raising backyard chickens for their egg laying and what chickens breed are best suited for that purpose.  Now there are so many different chicken varieties, and so many chickens breed come in a variety of colors and sizes that a book could easily be written on just that, so like I said I’m going to only hit on a few of the most popular breeds for now.


Leghorns (most popular backyard chicken)


  • Leghorns are generally smaller in size (almost never getting over 6lbs)
  • Excellent egg producers, laying approximately 280 per year
  • White eggs
  • Slightly noisy, nervous and flighty, very energetic, excellent forager
  • Excellent personality
  • Enjoys roosting in trees if given the opportunity


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Golden Comets

  • Mature quickly
  • Excellent eggs size and quantity
  • Quiet
  • Hardier
  • Lay brown eggs



Dual purpose breeds (those raised for eggs and meat as well)


Several American and English breeds such as


Plymouth rocks (most popular among dual purpose birds)

  • Cold hardy
  • Long lived
  • Not extremely aggressive
  • Tame easily
  • Lay approximately 200 eggs year
  • Usually very docile
  • Very friendly
  • Lay brown eggs




Sussex (very popular, one of the best dual purpose)


  • Come in 8 different colors
  • Produce approximately 240-260 eggs per year
  • Docile
  • Easy adapt to new environment
  • Make great mothers
  • Very attractive
  • Lay tinted or light brown eggs
  • Hardy during cold weather
  • Easily handled
  • Will follow you around and beg
  • Handles confinement well




  • Good medium size fowl
  • Very attractive, great curves with beautiful colors
  • Good disposition
  • Lay enough eggs (approximately 150-200 eggs per year) and are large enough for meat
  • Mature quickly
  • Meat is very good
  • Sometimes aggressive
  • Very hardy in colder weather









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Now those are just a few of the different chickens breeds and chicken varieties, there are just so many to choose from, but these are generally speaking the most popular for the backyard.  And I hope that helps you narrow the search down a little.  It is a hard choice to make because no matter what chicken you choose, they all have great things to offer, and an entirely different personality to enjoy.  So make sure you decide what is important to you in a pet chicken before taking on the responsibility of choosing a chickens breed, so that your choices will be narrowed down considerably.


Oh, and if your wondering how to tell what color eggs your chicken will lay a generally rule of thumb is chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs, and chickens with red lobes lay brown.






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